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Construction of Klaipėda LNG distribution (reloading) station


PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH (main contractor), AB Klaipėdos nafta


2017/03 – 2018/11

Project description:

AB Klaipėdos nafta small-scale on-shore liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution (reloading) station is designed to supply LNG to the Baltic Sea region market and to promote the use of clean fuel in shipping and heavy transport and to ensure the possibility of supplying it to consumers far from the natural gas network.

The LNG distribution (reloading) station consists of five 1000 cubic meters each. m tanks that store liquefied natural gas. It is the cleanest fossil fuel used in shipping, land transport, cold industry and supplying consumers far from the natural gas network.

Under subcontract with general contractor – PPS Pipelines Systems GmbH, Elsis provided various services and works, including: (i) design and installation of process control and automation system (ABB XA 800 series), including programming, design and development of SCADA system; (ii) Electric energy supply, lightning protection and grounding; (iii) Fire alarm and fire and gas alarm system; (iv) Security video surveillance and perimeter protection; (v) Telecommunications; (vi) Gas chromatographs (for gas quality analysis); (vii) other related work required for LNG gas distribution station functionality.

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