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Geo-environmental monitoring system


Lithuanian Geological Survey under the Ministry of Environment


2010/06 – 2011/02

Project description:

The geo-environmental monitoring system installed in Lithuanian Geological Survey consists of 20 automatic telemetry stations and telemetry center. Each station is equipped with controller for data acquisition and transmission via GSM/GPRS, solar batteries with reserve accumulator, ground water level and temperature measurement sensors with pressure compensation, other technical equipment necessary for proper functioning. Technical equipment and software installed in telemetry center for data reception, processing and visualization. The main task of the system – obtain and operatively transmit information on the change of depths and temperatures of ground water occurrence and enable to provide timely information on the approaching flows of ground water on the surface of the earth or sudden soil desiccation to the residents and the respective institutions. Equipment suppliers – “Vaisala Oyj” (Finland), “Keller AG” (Switzerland).

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