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Contract for the Supply of Radio Communication Equipment for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

28-04-2022. Elsis TS and the Logistics Service of the Lithuanian Navy signed a contract for the supply of radio communication equipment for the Global Maritime Emergency Communication and Security System.

The objective of the project is the replacement of old radios with new ones and their integration into the existing Global Maritime Emergency Communication and Security System (GJARSS) of the Naval Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, using existing hardware and software. The scope of the project includes the replacement of the server and the upgrade of the currently used I.C.S Electronics Limited V4 software.

The radios will be integrated in four areas of the PLA Navy:

  • Klaipėda (Vėtros g. 3a)
  • Nida (Kuršių g. 1)
  • Palanga (Vytauto g. 9)
  • Sventoji (Švyturio g. 14).

The contractual obligations are planned to be fulfilled by 31 December 2022.

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