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Equipment for Lithuania led Province Reconstruction Group camp in province of Ghor Republic of Afghanistan


Ministry of National Defence


2007/04 – 2007/12

Project description:

The company has successfully finalized equipping of the military camp, which is meant for the Lithuanian led Province Reconstruction Group (PRG), Province of Ghor in Afghanistan, providing container-type habitable and office buildings, field hospital, laundry, storage containers, food refrigerators and cold storage, water purification equipment, fuel repositories and pouring equipment, electric generator for the soldiers and civilians, serving in the PAG mission. The electric network, water-supply, sewerage, soil & waste systems were installed in the camp as well, i.e. all, what is necessary to secure the minimal comfort conditions in the modern military camp. The equipment was delivered from France, Great Britain, Sweden and China. . It’s value amounts to 15 mln. Lt (4,3 mln. Euro).

Specific and strict requirements were raised towards the equipment – it had to be adjusted to work in the alpine locations, to withstand the significant temperature fluctuations as well as strong wind and dust.

The logistic part of the project was also complex, i.e. large cargoes had to be delivered to the most remote part of Afghanistan – to the Ghor Province. Totally 160 containers, loaded with the equipment for the camp, were delivered by 83 auto-vans. Both the local workers Afghans and specialists from the other countries used to be hired while arranging the infrastructure installation jobs, including preparation of the territory for the camp, digging of trenches, concreting of the foundation and assembling of the equipment.

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