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Gas chromatographs


AB „Amber Grid“


2016/08 – 2016/12

Project description:

During the implementation of the agreement “Chromatographs, Design Services for their Installation, Mounting and Start and Adjustment Operations”, Elsis TS provided the following services:

  • Delivery of natural gas chromatographs (4 sets) designated to determine the composition of natural gas by on-line mode and to calculate the higher and the lower calorific value, density, relative density, and Wobbe index,
  • Preparation of projects for the installation of this equipment, conducting its testing, mounting and launching;
  • Execution of all required construction and designing of any other structures and engineering communications, construction and mounting activities which were required to ensure proper functioning of the aforementioned equipment;
  • Provision of trainings for the staff so as to make it able to operate the equipment.

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