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Implementation of Lithuanian agrometeorological observation network


Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service under the Ministry of Environment


2008/07 – 2008/12

Project description:

Agrometeorological observation network is very important for Lithuania, especially for the agricultural economy. The purpose of the implemented equipment is to automate measurements at the agro-meteorological stations so that it would be possible to fix constantly the meteorological elements and atmospheric phenomena, which predetermine the condition of agrocultures, spreading of diseases of the plants, danger of the frost, the activity of the crop insurance system and settling of the other items, at the territory of each self-government.

The agrometeorological observation network consists out of 43 automated agro-meteorological stations with the following elements each: the data controllers, the GPRS modem and the feeding equipment (batteries) are installed in the protected cabinet on the pole; the sun radiation gauge (the pyranometer); the air temperature and relative humidity sensors; sensors of the wind speed and direction; sensors of humidity of the leaves; the sun battery; the precipitation-meter, which is installed on a separate support; the sensors for measuring of the soil surface temperature (2 cm above the ground) and of the deep temperature (5, 20, 50 cm) as well as of humidity (20, 50 cm and 1 m), which are installed in the soil near the post.

The system’s software, installed in the client’s server, is adapted for acquisition, processing, accumulation and visualization of the data. Moreover, the system is equipped with the special equipment, which forecasts diseases of the plants and pests (the moduli); the system provides the possibility for ascertaining and control of infections of the plants. Besides, the system calculates the hydrothermal coefficient, which allows evaluating the conditions of the vegetation period’s humidity.

Equipment manufacturers: “Lufft”, “Lambrecht” (Germany).

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