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Runaway conditions observation and forecasting information system at Vilnius International Airport


SE Vilnius International Airport


2008/06 – 2008/12

Project description:

he system consists out of the runway cover sensors, which are installed into the aircraft runway, the data collection and transmission controllers, which are mounted on the special pillars; the sensors, meant for measuring of the temperature, wind direction and speed, rain, air condition (mist, rain, snow, etc.), and a set of the computer equipment. The software of the system reflects the current condition of the runway cover and, according to the meteorological data, obtained from the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service, forecasts changes of the runway cover for the next 24 hours. With taking into consideration the preliminary forecasts, the airport attendance services can timely prepare the necessary equipment and the other safety means. The system is provided with a special emergency module, which efficiently informs the attending personnel about the forecasted dangerous air conditions by reflecting the information both on the computer screen and by the SMS message.

The project was realized together with the Finnish company „Vaisala Oy” (the manufacturer of the equipment) and company „Kerista” (the land and asphalt cover jobs).


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