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Subcontract for the Design and Special Construction Works for the GMS in Karksi, Estonia

04-09-2018. Elsis TS has signed a subcontract with the consortium of MT Group UAB and PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH for subcontracting services for the installation of a gas metering station (GMS) in Karksi (Estonia), which includes the design, installation and commissioning and debugging of the electrical, process automation, SCADA, communications, security and fire protection systems.

Karksi GMS, operated by Elering AS, an independent electricity and gas transmission system operator supplying energy to Estonian consumers, is a crucial part of Estonia’s main gas pipeline, providing a gas transmission link to Latvia. The new GMS will be fully automated, remotely controlled and will allow for metering of incoming/outgoing gas flows. The station will have a capacity of 10 million cubic metres of gas per day.

The contract is worth over €1.6 million excluding VAT. All work is scheduled to be completed by 1 April 2019.

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