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Subcontract for the Reconstruction of Kiemenai Gas Metering Station

09-02-2022. Elsis TS has signed a subcontract agreement with MT Group UAB, which has won the tender “Increasing the capacity of the gas pipeline interconnection between Latvia and Lithuania (ELLI), part 2 – Reconstruction of the Kiemėnai Gas Metering Station” announced by AB Amber Grid.

ELLI (Enhancement of Latvia-Lithuania Interconnection) is a strategic energy project, which is included in the EU’s List of Projects of Common Interest, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) Ten-Year Development Plan, and the Implementation Plan for the National Electricity and Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure Priority Projects.

The rehabilitation project envisages an increase in the capacity of the Kiemėnai Gas Metering Station (GMS) by a factor of almost 2, from 67 GWh to 130 GWh in the Latvian direction and from 65 GWh to 120 GWh per day in the Lithuanian direction, by installing additional gas filtration, gas metering lines, process automation, data transmission, electrical engineering and other systems. The works will be carried out in the Kiemėnai GMS area, located in the Pasvalys district near the border with Latvia.

Elsis TS UAB will carry out the following works at the Kiemėnai gas metering station under this contract:

  • Installation of automation and control system;
  • Installation of gas flow control;
  • Installation of gas metering;
  • Electrical engineering works;
  • Installation, connection and programming of SCADA equipment;

Grounding, lightning protection works.

The successful implementation of ELLI will ensure sufficient capacity between the Baltic States and other European countries, provide alternative gas supply sources and transport routes for the countries in the region, increase security of gas supply in the region and reduce dependency on a single gas supplier, contribute to the development of the internal energy market, increase market integration and competition, and strengthen the overall energy security of the EU countries.

The work is scheduled to be completed by 30 November 2022.

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