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Birstonas gas distribution station modernization


AB „Amber Grid“


2015/05 – 2015/12

Project description:

As per the contract “The Repairs of Automatic Equipment and Electrical Facilities of the Birštonas Gas Distribution Station (GDS) and the Purchase of Related Services”, the company’s personnel carried out the following tasks:

  • Creation of simplified plans for repairing electrical, automatic, SCADA and alarm systems;
  • Dismantling of the diesel generator located in the metal container and installation in a new GDS building;
  • Installation of a new automatic control system (ACS) in the building’s control room and removing of the SCADA equipment, the control cabinets of the fire and security alarm and the diesel electrical generator;
  • Implementation of the interaction between the ACS and SCADA system according to the framework of the SCADA automatic equipment and alarm interaction;
  • Preparation of all the necessary documents.

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