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Combined electric energy supply system – wind turbine power plant and solar panel


AB “Lietuvos dujos” (Lithuanian gas)


2011/10 – 2012/03

Project description:

UAB ELSIS TS has successfully completed the project involving the installation of advanced wind turbines in addition to ordinary wind power stations and solar panels. The innovative system allows saving large costs necessary for supplying electricity to remote objects that are often hard to access.

Advanced wind turbines are distinguished for the minimum wind speed required to produce electricity. This is an excellent alternative for companies based in remote locations, telecommunications, military and other objects as the supply of electricity to non-urbanised areas is problematic or economically unfeasible. Meanwhile, wind turbines do not require large installation or maintenance costs. The minimum wind speed is sufficient for these wind turbines; they are built in low places, and they can also be rotated by low-lying wind currents that are variable in direction. The compactness of wind turbines of this type allows constructing them closer to other buildings, which also reduces installation costs.

The long-term practice has shown that traditional solar-wind turbines do not always ensure a sufficient amount of electricity. This is particularly relevant in the winter time, when the use of traditional solar-wind turbines becomes ineffective due to constant nebulosity, snow, or freezing rain.

In 2011 the Company designed and installed in an industrial object an advanced system in which the required amount of electricity is generated by highly-efficient new-generation wind turbines operating together with solar panels. The efficiency of these wind turbines is 30-50% higher, if compared with analogous traditional wind turbines operating under the same weather conditions. The biggest difference can be seen when weak winds of about 5 metres per second prevail. This was proved by the trial operation of the system during the winter period.

The data on electricity generation collected by ELSIS TS have revealed that the wind turbines fully and uninterruptedly met the planned or required electricity demands at any time around the clock and under any weather conditions.


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