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Contract for the Installation of Control Measurement Equipment for Hydraulic Engineering Structures at the Kaunas HPP

23-07-2021. Elsis TS has signed a contract with AB Ignitis Gamyba for the provision of works and services for the installation of hydraulic engineering structures control measurement equipment at Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas Hydro Power Plant.

The works to be carried out at the Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant include the preparation of a technical work project, the supply and installation of sensors (piezometers and flowmeters) for static control point measurements, and the installation of a wireless data transmission system, which will transmit the collected measurement data to the existing KHE static observation and measurement data display and processing system.

The project will contribute to the safety and reliability of the Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant operated by Ignitis Production AB.

The contractual obligations, worth more than EUR 120 000 excluding VAT, are planned to be carried out in phases and to be completed within 3 months of receipt of the order.

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