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Contract signed for the provision of programming-configuration services for telemetry controllers and additional equipment

18-12-2017. Elsis TS has won the 2nd part of the tender “Implementation of the system for remote control of technological processes and data collection of gas metering devices in the gas transmission system” announced by Amber Grid AB, “Telemetry controllers and additional equipment programming-configuration services”, and signed a contract with Amber Grid AB on 26 October.

The objectives of the project are to carry out software modification of telemetry controllers, software modification of programmable logic controllers and operator terminals, and software modification of the SCADA dispatch centre. This work will enable the data from the telemetry controllers to be transferred to a new information system for gas metering and the collection of data on the chemical composition and physical parameters of gas.

The project is supported by EU funds investments (2014-2020).

All work is scheduled to be completed by 30 November 2018.

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