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Gas Intersection between Estonia and Finland (Balticconnector). Construction of Karksi GMS and Lilli LV station in Estonia


MT Group UAB (main contractor),  EG Ehitus AS, Elering AS


2018/05 – 2020/05

Project description:

Balticconnector – gas intersection between Estonia and Finland (54 km gas pipeline, GMS, GRS, valve stations, pigging stations).  BalticConnector project consisted of Part I – Design and construction works of Karksi gas metering station (GMS) and Lilli line valve station, and Part II – Engineering, Construction, Procurement (EPC) works for the Kiili-Paldiski DN700 MOP54 gas pipeline.

Under subcontract with general contractor – MT Group, Elsis TS provided various services.

Part I scope of work included: Delivery of materials and equipment for electrical, process control and automation (Schneider Electric Modicon M580 redundant PLC), design of SCADA system (Schneider Electric ClearSCADA software), communication, security alarm and fire alarm and other related parts and related works. A local SCADA system controlling the Karksi GMS station was designed, installed, and commissioned. Local SCADA is connected to the central SCADA system in the dispatch center. Liili valve station is connected to Karksi GMS and transmits data using cellular communication channel.

Part II scope of work included: Constructing of fully working (“turn key”) automation system for Balticconnector, including Kiili GRS; Kiili, Keila, Paldiski, Paldiski LNG line valve stations; Kiili and Paldiski pigging stations (pig trap sites). Design and installation of process control and automation system (Schneider Electric ScadaPack 300 series RTU, Schneider Electric Modicon M580 redundant PLC), including programming, design, and development of SCADA (Schneider Electric ClearSCADA). The sensors of the GRS, control device cameras (pig traps) line valve stations, transmit the data to the SCADA system using cellular communication channel and fiber optic cable

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