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LITGRID system control centre upgrade


AB “Litgrid”


2013/07 – 2014/01

Project description:

Elsis TS UAB implemented the project during which the system control centre equipment of Litgrid AB, the electricity transmission system operator, was upgraded. During the project implementation, the ELSIS TS installed a new Clarity LED3 Series video wall designed by “Planar Systems” consisting of 36 video cubes instead of the out-of-date operational video wall. Also, new working stations as well as electricity supply, uninterrupted supply and ventilation systems were installed for operators working 24/7. Installation of new technologies resulted in enhanced safety and reliability of the system control centre.

The video wall displays data not only from Lithuania, but also from surrounding power systems. Operators are able to monitor real-time volumes of electricity generated in power plants and wind mills, operating electricity transmission lines as well as the ones disconnected for repair, transformer substations and switchgears, system frequency, import data, electricity demand and consumption. In 2016, when power links between Sweden and Poland start operating, the video wall will enable displaying data of Polish and Swedish power systems.

The video wall serves as an information field which generalises data. In the event of emergency, automated units transfer signals to the general system which processes information received not only from the Lithuanian electricity transmission network, but also from other power systems the Lithuanian power grid is connected to. Information displayed in one or more places helps make decisions more promptly and organise the system control activities more efficiently.

Generalinė ranga