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Modernization of the backup runaway in the Air Base of Lithuanian Air Force in Šiauliai


Lithuanian Air Force (LAF), Air Base, Šiauliai International Airport


2016/12 – 2018/11

Project description:

The main project goal – installation of the equipment of high intensity lights system and meteorological system for the BR aerodrome landing system to ensure non-precision approach requirements of ICAO, WMO, NATO STANAG and other international regulations.

The high intensity lights system of the BR aerodrome landing system consists of linear and recessed approach lights, precision approach trajectory indicators, edge lights, threshold lights and end lights, vertical markings, runway safety lights and other equipment. The BR meteorological system consists of wind, air temperature and relative humidity sensors, horizontal visibility and runway visibility sensors, cloudiness meters, instruments for measuring meteorological phenomena, runway surface condition sensors and other hardware and software.

The installed systems ensure more reliable visual and measured information for the air traffic control centre, aircraft pilots, air navigation division, and airport authorities, and make flights safer under unfavourable weather conditions. In addition, the installed systems ensure safer take-offs and landings of aircraft, safer runway, taxiway, and apron traffic, etc.

The main suppliers of the equipment are Vaisala Oy and Safegate Group, contractual partner: UAB “Eltel Networks”.

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