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Supply and Installation of Temperature-Controlled Gas Chromatograph Cabinet (Container)

26-09-2019. Elsis TS signed a contract with AB Amber Grid for the supply of a temperature-controlled chromatograph cabinet and transfer line and their installation services. Amber Grid AB is the Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator, responsible for the transmission of natural gas (transport via high pressure pipelines) to system users, the operation, maintenance and development of natural gas infrastructure.

The contract will provide a chromatograph cabinet (container), which will be insulated, protecting the equipment from direct sunlight, with automatic temperature control. The cabinet will be equipped with all the equipment necessary for the proper operation of the gas chromatograph in an explosive environment, as well as the installation and commissioning of the cabinet.

The project will contribute to the modernisation and development of the main gas pipelines operated by AB Amber Grid.

The contract will be completed by 16 October 2019.

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